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(Prefer to trade scans of tickets or other items from your rock collection in exchange for access to the galleries? Just want to share your concert stubs or other rock memorabilia with the world? Click here for more information.)

You can view the gallery (there are no tickets for sale) at your leisure for 30 days for $9, about 30 cents a day, or $65 for a full year. Just click on the BUY NOW link to use PayPal.com to pay with your Visa/MC or American Express, and then hit the CONTINUE or RETURN TO MERCHANT button at the botton of the PayPal screen to get your username and password. If you forget this step you will need to e-mail us to get your username and password. Please DO NOT contact us with issues though our social media pages unless you're getting no response. We do not check them regularly.

You'll be automatically forwarded to your username and password at the conclusion of your PayPal payment. Do not log out out of PayPal. Just wait a second and PayPal should take you right to your username and password screen. If for some reason this doesn't work, you will need to contact me for access info.

If you are subscribing for a year, a username and password will be e-mailed to your PayPal address. EarthLink users: I will not bother with EarthLink's E-MAIL address approval forms so you will have to find a way to contact me for your username and password.

You will not be prompted for your username and password until you click on an image link.

By submitting a payment to access the archives you agree not to copy or reproduce any images from this site. Violation of this agreement will result in immediate cancellation of your subscription with no refund issued. Your account may also be billed $25 per published image.

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